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Meetings & Private Events

One of the biggest benefits of membership at 1700 Broadway Club is the access to meeting and event space without even leaving the building! You can make the most of every square foot of your office space while having the ease and accessibility of state-of-the-art meeting rooms just steps away. The talented team at 1700 Broadway Club plans every detail and customizes fully to your needs. The best part? The food! 1700 Broadway Club brings the best of the New York City foodie scene and brings it to your meeting or event! No stale conference room menus, each event is planned with your favorite NYC hot spot in mind.

The Club is available for Member and Member-sponsored meetings and events. To inquire about availability please call us at 212.247.5533

For additional meeting details, layouts, menus, breakout options and more, visit Meet Hospitality.

All meetings and events have the Meet Hospitality touch. Meet Hospitality has one focus: produce full-service, successful meetings in unique and inspiring spaces. Meet Hospitality revolutionized how companies gather for strategy and brainstorming sessions, focus groups, product launches, and pitch meetings. Fully engineered for creative thought to flourish, Meet Hospitality combines professional service, technology and evocative design to build an experience un-imagined by other offsite spaces. Meet Hospitality believes that the design and feeling of a space contribute to a seamless meeting. The environment you are in affects your attitude, creativity, and energy levels.